Light it Up Green for Muscular Dystrophy

A personal campaign sponsored by Nadine Kirby

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Light it Up Green for MD was created to draw attention to 52 Neuromuscular disorders by Illuminating Landmarks across the U.S  Lime Green . In addition to attaining state and a National Proclamation establishing August as Muscular Dystrophy Awareness/Light it Up Green for MD Month. Our Purpose is to Bring to Light all that The Muscular Dystrophy Association does for Families like Summer Camp, Clinics as well as much needed Research.

Together our goal is to one day eradicate all  Muscular dystrophies .

Every day, children are born with muscular dystrophy and adults are diagnosed with ALS and other life-threatening diseases that take away their most basic freedoms - like walking, talking, eating, hugging, and ultimately life itself. I'm raising money to help MDA fight back!

MDA is working to give these abilities back through early intervention, local engagement, and the search for better treatments and cures.

The money I raise will help children and adults in our community, and will also help support innovative research to change the future for people with neuromuscular disease.

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