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Milwaukee Black N Blue Ball Letter Writing Campaign

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Last year was the toughest time in MDA’s history and we are thankful that you stayed by our side, helping advance our mission to transform the lives of people living with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases. Your partnership and support have led to incredible progress and with so many clinical trials and therapies in development, we are extremely hopeful for more treatments, better care, and ultimately cures for our community!

With MDA families being so vulnerable to COVID-19, throughout the pandemic, the safety of our community has been top of mind for over a year. We have had to pivot quickly and make difficult decisions to serve the best interests of our mission. Unfortunately, one of the difficult decisions we must make includes cancelling this year's Black-N-Blue Ball. While this is disappointing to all of us, our work must continue. We are still raising funds for critical research, care and advocacy and the Black-N-Blue committee has decided to try and fill some of this void. The support you have provided to MDA and its mission over the past several years has been transformative, and we hope you will join the committee in continuing to support our essential voluntary health organization through this time.

Please read this special message from Reagan Imhoff.