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I deferred my 2020 TCS New York City Marathon entry, guaranteed by MDA, due to COVID-19. Can I still claim this entry with Team Momentum? All 2020 deferred runners who wished to defer their entry did so directly with NYRR in Fall 2020. If you deferred in 2020 but did not receive entry into 2021, you can still run with Team Momentum by registering as a new participant and agree to a fundraising minimum.  

I achieved my fundraising minimum for the 2020 race. Am I still required to fundraise in 2021? If you were registered for the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon and achieved your fundraising minimum before the deadline, you will not be required to fundraise in 2021. We’ll still provide you with a website so you can continue to raise funds and awareness for MDA’s mission. 

What happens if the 2021 race is cancelled? In the event that the race cannot take place, you’ll receive information directly from the TCS New York City Marathon. 


Does MDA have unlimited entries to the TCS New York City Marathon? Every year, MDA is allotted a set amount of race entries that have to be filled by a certain date. These entries are given out on a first come, first served basis and require the participant to agree to a fundraising commitment. 

What’s the difference in participant types? MDA offers various participant types depending on whether you pay for your race entry or if you would prefer MDA to do so. We also have a different fundraising commitment if you have your own entry and want to be part of MDA Team Momentum. All fundraising commitments are created based on partner agreements with New York Road Runners. 

Why am I required to give credit card information? MDA staff is here to stay in constant contact with you from the moment you sign up for any Team Momentum experience, working hard beside you to ensure fundraising success. In the event that you do not achieve your fundraising commitment by the deadline (typically two weeks prior to race day) we ask that you donate the difference to hold your spot in the race. We also can charge your credit card on file. Those who do not achieve their fundraising commitment by the deadline will have their bibs held at the expo until the commitment is met. 

I have my own entry into the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon. Can I still be a part of Team Momentum? Yes! You can bring your own entry and enjoy all the perks of being on the Team Momentum team at a lower fundraising minimum than those who do not have their own entry. 

I want to register as a member on a team, but do not see my team listed. Your team captain may not have registered yet. Contact your team captain to see if he or she as registered or if the team name has changed. You can also be the new team leader and start the team, and if you’d like, we can create a new team leader later on. 


Is there a fundraising commitment? Yes, all Team Momentum participants are required to raise funds. Fundraising commitments vary and are based on your participant type. MDA staff are here to help you surpass fundraising maximums for MDA’s mission. 

I’m registered for the event but am no longer able to participate. Do I still need to raise funds? Once you have signed up directly through the TCS New York City Marathon registration website, you are officially committed to run the race and fundraise on behalf of MDA. All participants, regardless of their ability to run on race day, will be required to complete their fundraising commitment they agreed to. You are able to defer to a future year dependent on NYRR rules and regulations at your time of deferral. 

How do I raise money? Once you register, you'll receive a link to your personal website, where you can create customized content and send donation requests via email or share your page on social media. We also have several add on apps/tools that we are ready to share with you. MDA staff are ready and willing to help you brainstorm fundraising ideas and events. 

I heard there is a MDA Fundraising mobile app - what does it do?
The app is your key to participating in the full event experience. Download it today on your mobile device and you can:

  • Post fundraising messages on social media or send them directly to the contacts saved on your phone 
  • Participate in activity challenges & log your steps on Walk day
  • Earn badges for fundraising and participation in the Walk 

How do I get the mobile app?

The MDA Fundraising app is available in both the Apple and Google Ap stores.  Simply download it onto your device and login with the same credentials as the website to get started!

To whom do I make checks payable? Make checks payable to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Offline donation form 

Where does the money I raise go? The dollars we raise together enable MDA to fund research breakthroughs across diseases, care for kids and adults from day one, and empower families with services and support. Visit to learn more. 


What perks does MDA offer? MDA offers 18-20 week training from certified running coaches, race day gear including Team Momentum race gear, and race weekend hospitality. In a normal year, we would love to promise everything in the world, but COVID! We plan to offer the most VIP event experience possible. There will be virtual meetings (yes, more of that) Facebook groups, and tons of contact with mentors and MDA staff. You also have the ability to earn some additional MDA team swag through fundraising incentives. 


Does MDA provide coaching? MDA partners with certified running coaches to offer a best in class marathon experience. Coaching will begin 18-20 weeks before the marathon and training plans range from beginner to novice. 

Is there an additional cost for coaching? No. Your registration fee covers the cost associated with the coaching and training plans. Our coaches are outstanding and have many years of experience coaching runners of all experience at the Abbott World Marathon Major Marathons and races around the country. 

Are there group runs? We do not plan on any in person group trainings for the 2021 training season due to COVID-19. We will ensure that all have a chance to meet virtually and through mentors and if you feel comfortable meeting for in-person trainings, we support your efforts. 


Are there other ways to get involved with MDA? Yes! Please email for information on how to get involved in our national leadership board or how you can help recruit in your local running communities.