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MDA Endurance Series


Hi Everyone~ 

Thank you for visiting my MDA donation page. This journey started for me when I signed on to run a full marathon to raise money for this amazing organization back in 2010. Now, 1,372.5 race miles later which include that first marathon, as well as, 103 half marathons in 97 months, I've raised $51,049.20 I ran 12 in 2012, 13 in 2013, 14 in 2014 and 64 in that last 5 years all as a tribute to my sweet friend, Everett. Even though I completed the initial goal, I'm still running because raising money for a charity you believe in can never really have a financial end goal. Your support for this amazing organization is greatly appreciated. Please help me continue to raise funding so that more kids here in North Texas, like Everett, can have the chance to live long and happy lives. Donating to this site ensures the money stays in North Texas helping families and research right here in our great state. Please donate to this great cause, because together we can make a difference. 

Thank you and God Bless~ 

01/25/20 Ultra Skyline Half Marathon

02/08/20 Hot Chocolate America's Sweetest Race

03/22/20 Virtual Strides - Puppy Rescue Mission Half Marathon

04/18/20 Virtual Strides - Run of the Pets Half Marathon

05/31/20 Virtual Strides - One Tough Mother Runner Half Marathon

06/21/20  Virtual Strides - Feet On The Street Half Marathon

07/12/20 Virtual Strides - Let Freedom Ring Half Marathon

08/23/20 Virtual Strides - Space Race Half Marathon

09/13/20 Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

10/11/20 That Dam Half Marathon (Virtual Version)

11/14/20 Trinity River Half Marathon

11/XX/20 Pumpkin Spice Half Marathon

12/15/20 Dallas White Rock Marathon

12/TBD/20 8th Annual Marathonukkah BONUS RUN! 

Make a Muscle, Make a Difference

Soozy R. Martin