Benard Dorer

Team Captain MotorCity Muscle MDA Ride for Life 33

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Welcome to my MotorCity Muscle Team Captain Page. This team is created to honor of the spirit and passion of Jace Dorer. Jace was diagnosed in December 2014 with SMA (the number one genetic cause of death for infants) which he's been battling every day since. SMA has taken away Jace's ability to stand and walk, it challenges his ability to breathe and fight off illness and has also given him tremendous strength of character and determination. With that strength, spirit and passion Jace fights back against SMA, MD, ALS and other Neuromuscular Disorders by participating in a clinical trial which will lead to a cure for these diseases (and others) and fundraising to ensure the resources keep up with the science.

It is one of Jace's other passions that brings us together on this team. Motorcycles are also in Jace's DNA. Harley Davidson ownership goes back to Jace's Great-Grandfather and Jace first attended Ride for Life 30 with his Dad and Grandpa (and Grandma too) where he had his first sidecar ride. This year Jace hopes you will join him at Ride for Life 33 as a participant or donor.  Visit for all details related to the event.


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