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9th Annual Ethan LyBrand March

Join us on October 3, 2020

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On June 8, 2011, our lives changed. Our son, Ethan, was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the most common form of the disease, occurring mainly in boys. This debilitating form of MD is a degenerative disease that primarily affects all voluntary muscles, and leads to wheelchair dependence, and ultimately death. Though there is no cure for muscular dystrophy, there is wonderful research happening, and, of course, there is always hope for a cure. When our family and friends convened to decide how to raise money for research, we could think of no better way to support Ethan than to “march.”

Since his diagnosis, The Ethan LyBrand March to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) has been an annual fundraising event in Decatur. Funds raised enable MDA to provide vital services and help fuel MDA’s mission to transform lives of those affected with muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases. Because of the community and each of you who help support the event each year, Ethan’s March has been a huge success. Now, more than ever, we need your help.

Due to the economic impact of COVID 19, funds are urgently needed so the organization can continue to serve the highly vulnerable neuromuscular disease community in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.  While Ethan’s March may look a little different this year, the impact of the event is still the same. Please consider joining “Team Ethan” as a corporate sponsor or with a personal donation and help us as we march (virtually) to cure muscular dystrophy. All donations are tax deductible and every dollar supports MDA’s mission to transform lives. We are closer to the cure for DMD with every step!

Thank you, Josh & Jordan LyBrand