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Nashville Muscle Team

Join us on May 14, 2020

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Our ability to gather together at our annual MDA Nashville Muscle Team might change… but the need to support MDA has not.

MDA has never been more vital to the protection of the highly vulnerable community of neuromuscular patients, their caregivers and clinicians. MDA is an essential charity; on the front-line delivering care and critical education and resources to patients.

Because of their significant muscle deterioration, people with neuromuscular disease may have increased risk factors such as reduced respiratory and/or cardiac function. This is compounded as the challenges of care giver burden and patient/family isolation escalate.

At the same time, at a time of year when the organization is normally seeing a surge in funding through events like the Nashville Muscle Team, our collective quarantine status has made the MDA vulnerable, putting the patients and families they serve at even greater risk. 

We are asking for your help in raising critical funds now for MDA by clicking “Donate Now” and donating to MDA.  If we can hold our gala later this year, we will celebrate your gift, then.

If you would prefer to raise your funds, instead, you can click “Register” to ask for donations through your network.

We greatly appreciate the support you’ve given to MDA, and hope you’re able to support us again, in this time of urgent need.