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Only one week left to go!

Week 3 Results are in!

Greetings from MDA! Three weeks down and only one to go before we wrap up the 2024 March Branch Challenge! We have had an incredible three weeks with 36 Branches and State Associations collectively raising $58,749 since March 1st. Way to go! 

The third week of the challenge has ended, and the results are in! From March 18th March 24th 12 branches were active and raised an incredible $14,070 to help us #DeliverTheCure In the third week, NALC branches raised enough to send the equivalent of 4 kids to camp!   

This week’s Top 10: 

  1. NALC Branch #442 Spokane, WA - $4,652 (= 1 kid to camp)
  2. NALC Branch #196 Elyria, OH - $2,000
  3. NALC Branch #84 Pittsburgh, PA - $2,000
  4. NALC Branch #3126 Royal Oak, MI - $1,846
  5. NALC Branch #1902 Arizona Merged, AZ - $1,040
  6. NALC Branch #52 Central California Coast, CA - $1,025
  7. NALC Branch #1091 Central Florida, FL - $673
  8. NALC Branch #450 North Sound, WA - $500
  9. NALC Branch #133 Sacramento, CA - $215
  10. NALC Branch #6156 Sun City, AZ - $52.50

With only one week, we have raised enough to send 19 kids to camp. Would you like to be one of the branches in the Challenge that raises the $3000 needed to send one of our kiddos to the “Best Week of the Year” in 2024? Check out our 2024 camp offerings to see if there is one in your area this summer:  


  • Have you wrapped up a fundraising event this month? If so, submit your offline donations before March 31st to compete in the Challenge. All donations received by March 31stcount! Be sure to include a completed NALC Allocation Form with your mailing.  
  • Get social! Post your Branch link on Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram and ask for support!  NALC Website  
  • Offer an incentive to anyone who donates $25 or more (shout out on social media, sticker on mailbox, personal thank you note)  
  • Encourage members of your branch to join the Team and spread the word. 
  • Email or call us with questions and/or receive additional support.  

Thanks for all that you do! 


Tawny Saunders 
Account Director, Community Events