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We are halfway through the March Branch Challenge!

Week 2 results are in!

Greetings to our Letter Carriers! We are halfway through the March Branch Challenge! Since March 1st, 26 Branches and State Associations have been actively raising $44,679. Your efforts so far this month have raised enough to send the equivalent of 15 kids to camp, 30% of our way to goal.

The second week of the challenge, March 8th - March 17th, had 11 branches collectively raising $5,748 to fund our mission and help #DeliverTheCure. Shout out to the Top 10 branches this past week:

  1. NALC Branch #14 Louisville, KY - $3,126 (= 1 kid to camp)
  2. ​NALC Branch #210 Rochester, NY - $760
  3. NALC Branch #828 South Central Indiana, IN - $545
  4. NALC Branch #1902 Arizona Merged, AZ - $352
  5. NALC Region 15 - $347
  6. NALC Branch #361 Central Kentucky, KY - $228
  7. NALC Branch #825 Oak Brook, IL - $165
  8. NALC Branch #458 Oklahoma City, OK - $130
  9. NALC Branch #17 Scranton, PA - $50
  10. NALC Branch #4839 Florissant, MO - $25

ACTIONS to get your branch onto the Leader Board:

  • Reach out to your friends at neighboring branches and ask them to join the movement to Deliver the Cure and send 50 kids to camp. Challenge them to a competition to see who can send the most kids to camp this month ($3000 per child)
  • Post your fundraising link on the Branch Facebook Page and ask followers for help getting into next week’s Top 10. Find your branch page here: NALC Website
  • Encourage members of your branch to join your Team and spread the word about the Branch Challenge. If your members need assistance, let us know and we will get them registered.
  • Submit offline gifts: Use the NALC Donation Allocation Form and send in with any checks by March 31st. All donations received by March 31st will count towards the Challenge totals.

Email or call us with questions, to register a branch, and/or receive support: or 312-392-1100. Let’s keep the momentum going and help 50 kids attend MDA Summer Camp!