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Week 1 Results are in!

The 2024 March Branch Challenge is off to a great start! With the first week complete, the results are in. Congratulations to the following branches who collectively raised $36,514 from March 1st - March 7th.

  1. NALC Branch #34 Boston, MA - $16,577 (= 4 kids to camp)
  2. NALC Branch #3 Buffalo/Western NY, NY - $5,636 (= 1 kid to camp)
  3. NALC Branch #74 Saginaw, MI - $3,155 (= 1 kid to camp)
  4. NALC Branch #53 North Florida, FL - $2,095
  5. NALC - Committee of Presidents - $2,000
  6. NALCREST Foundation - $1,774
  7. NALC Branch #4716 Naples, FL - $1,525
  8. NALC Branch #137 Hudson Valley, NY - $1,500
  9. NALC Branch #40 Cleveland, OH - $1,362
  10. NALC Branch #361 Central Kentucky, KY - $890

Your contributions have greatly impacted MDA’s mission to empower the people we serve to live longer, more independent lives. The $38,930 raised by NALC so far this month is enough to send 13 kids to MDA Summer Camp. We are 26% of our way to our goal of sending 50 kids to camp. Let’s keep going!

  • Your Branch fundraising page is live! Please continue to raise money here throughout March—all funds will be counted in your Branch’s year-end totals.  
  • Spread the word to other Branches about the great work you’re doing and how Branches that haven’t started fundraising yet can get involved at NALC Website
  • Checks and offline gifts received in March will count toward the Branch challenge. Download the NALC Donation Allocation Form and mail donations to:

Muscular Dystrophy Association Inc
Attn: NALC March Challenge
PO Box 7410354
Chicago, IL, 60674-0354

  • Stay Tuned: We’ll be emailing every week and again at the end of March with the results.
  • Questions/Feedback: Reach out to or 312-392-1100. We are happy to help! 

Thanks for ALL you do!

Tawny Saunders
Account Director, NALC